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Enroll at Sierra while working on your diploma!

Yes, students enrolled and progressing toward credit completion with Nevada County Adult Education may take Sierra College classes too. This is considered academic enrichment and it's free. If you'd like to take advantage of this opportunity, please email the NCAE school counselor Karla Aaron by clicking HERE.

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How do I get started?

How do I get started?

  • Meet with your high school counselor - email
    Your high school counselor must sign the Academic Enrichment Program Application to verify that you qualify.
  • Apply to Sierra College
    Complete the Sierra College online application and indicate on the application that you are a high school student. Learn how to apply to our Academic Enrichment program. (REALLY good video -- do watch it!)
  • Provide documentation to Admissions and Records
    Turn in the following documents by email to For faster processing, send directly from your Sierra College email. 
  • Accept College Terms and Conditions
    After you apply, you will receive a Welcome to Sierra email with instructions to activate your mySierra account. Log into your mySierra and click on the Terms and Conditions link to accept.
  • Register for classes online
    Log into your mySierra. Click on the “Registration and Classes,” link, then click on the “Add, Drop, or Withdraw from Classes" link. In preparation for class registration, you could do the following:
    • Make sure the class you want isn't restricted. Review the Academic Enrichment Restricted Course List
    • Prepare a tentative class schedule with possible days and times using the Sierra College Class Schedule
    • Check for course prerequisites and corequisites
    • Look for your specific registration date and time. You will receive an email and a notification in mySierra. On or after that date and time, log into mySierra and click on "Registration and Classes," then click "View my Registration Eligibility and Holds." You are allowed a maximum of 11 units each semester or summer term. Your registration is available the day after open registration begins (see Academic Calendar for specific dates).
  • View your bill in mySierra for any student fees
    While tuition is free, fees may include the cost of books and materials, health fees, etc.